Frequently asked questions

How long will my hair last?

We only offer 100% virgin hair that is cut from one donor. We are one of the few companies in the hair market who offers top quality. Our hair can last up to 2-3 years. However, depening on the daily and overall care of the hair determines the longevity of your extensions.

Can I dye my hair?

Since Hair Of Pardaise hair is authethic, you will be able to dye your hair. We recommend using an experienced stylists or professional to acheive your desired look.

Should I cut my wefts?

Cutting the wefts of your hair is not recommended because it can promote shedding. However, in the case your wefts must be cut, seal your wefts appropriately to reduce shedding and maintain integrity and longevity of the hair.

Why does my billing and shipping address on my order must match?

In order to maintain a fraud-free enviornment we require that the billing and shipping address on every order matches or we will cancel your order and you will be refunded immediately.

Are wigs and frontals pre plucked and or bleached?

Yes, ALL WIGS AND FRONTALS come pre-plucked. None of our items are bleached. However, they can be bleached. Your stylist will offer that service to you.