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You can have all 3 for a deal! Save $5 by purchasing the kit!


You will receive the following:

1. Hair Of Paradise Logo Satin Bonnet- will assist protecting your luxury hair from friction and breakage caused by contact with pillowcases. They also help retain moisture, reduce frizz, and preserve hairstyles!


2. Hair Of Paradise Logo Elastic Melt Band- used to simply to melt your lace, lay down edges and keeping baby hair in place so your wigs can look as natural as possible.


3. Hair Of Paradise Logo Edge Brush/Combo- is a 3 in 1 small bristle brush in the front and comb on the back with a long handle that also has a spatula to scoop your edge product of choice. This edge brush/comb is used to create baby hairs along your hairline for a sleek look. When used with an edge control product, like a hair gel or pomade, you'll be able to achieve various styles for your edges.

Hair Of Paradise Combo Hair Care Kit

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